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Lou's Restaurant & Bar


Breakfast Sandwich   16

scrambled eggs, cheddar, hot sauce, potato bun
(       )

Avocado Toast   19

sourdough bread, guacamole, avocado,
fried chickpeas

add scrambled eggs +6

add bacon +3.5  /  add avocado +7

add pastrami / burger patty / fried chicken +10

Wedge Salad   16 / 21

romaine lettuce, blue cheese, bacon,
pickled mustard seeds, fresh dill,
buttermilk-herb dressing

(       )

Classic Chicken Burger   19.5

24 hour brined chicken thigh, burger sauce, house pickles, potato bun

Buffalo Chicken Burger   21.5

24 hour brined chicken thigh, buffalo sauce, coleslaw, house pickles, potato bun

Grilled Cheese   16

sourdough bread, cheddar, gruyere,
hot honey, thyme

Smashed Burgers

∙ choose from 100% swiss dry aged beef or portobello mushroom

∙ each beef burger comes at 170g and two patties
∙ served in a custom-made potato bun with burger sauce

Classic   23
cheddar, raw onions, pickles
(       )
Oklahoma   23
cheddar, grilled onions, pickles
(       )
Guac   25
cheddar, guacamole, pickled peppers
(       )


Breakfast Fries   6.5
Coleslaw   6.5
Side Salad   6.5


add avocado +7  /  add scrambled eggs +6

Pastrami   21.5
dijonnaise, cheese, red cabbage, house pickles
Reuben Pastrami   21.5
house dressing, cheese, sauerkraut
Smoked Salmon   22.5
horseradish mayo, onions, capers, dill
Avocado   16.5
sliced avocado, cucumber, vegan ranch sauce, salad


homemade waffles served with maple syrup

Dulce de Leche   15
Berry Compote   16
Fried Chicken   22
fried chicken, honey butter, hot honey
Chicken & Waffles Burger   24
24 hour brined chicken thigh, bacon, cheddar, honey butter, hot honey on the side

add waffle +6


homemade fluffy pancake served with maple syrup

Dulce de Leche   16
Berry Compote   17
Bacon, Fried Egg, Honey Butter   22

add pancake +8


Cinnamon Roll   9
homemade cinnamon roll
Banana Bread   9

homemade banana bread with dates and chocolate

= vegetarian          = vegan    ( ) = option


kids options available

all meat from CH. salmon msc wild caught, pacific / all prices in CHF including 8.1% VAT.

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